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Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation

From a 4,000 square foot Southern California roof or hardscape area, 30,000 gallons can be captured for use in landscape irrigation.

While storms in April and May 2010 have improved water supply outlook conditions, California has been experiencing a drought since 2007. Even with the above average precipitation of the 2009-2010 water-year, the state has yet to fully recover from the shortages of previous years. When rainwater is captured from the gutter downspouts on the home, it is filtered, treated, and stored onsite for later use by the irrigation system. Rainwater can also be captured from driveways and sidewalks. Area drains used to control water levels in planter beds and lawn areas can be a collection source as well. In a one inch rainstorm 0.62 gallons per square foot of roof area can be captured. The average home in the U.S. uses 57% of its potable water for outdoor use, much of which is lost to run-off and evaporation. By using water conserving drip lines and subterranean emitters this water can be more effectively used to water plants. The irrigation method and treatment requirements of collected rainwater vary by municipality. Fort Hill Construction has experience with rainwater harvesting systems to capture roof and hardscape run-off for use with high efficiency irrigation systems to conserve this vital resource.