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At Fort Hill Construction we feel strongly about building sustainably. The building rating system that embodies our core principles is LEED for Homes. This system was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, which sets a standard for building sustainability. Our use of this building standard has given us experience with many of the changes implemented in the CalGreen Building Code.

We offer LEED Consulting Services and analysis at our client's request. What makes our service unique is that we help guide the process from conceptual design through building completion. One of the essential parts of building a sustainable home begins prior to the start of construction with the establishment of the integrated project team. During this process we bring together and establish communication between architects, engineers, mechanical subcontractors, landscape professionals, and the construction project team. We illustrate the goal to all parties and facilitate the means and methods needed to reach that goal, whether we are advising ways to improve a Title 24 score or explaining how one credit relates to another. Throughout the project timeline we work closely with the LEED for Homes Provider to ensure all credits are documented and deliverables are sent in a timely fashion.

Sustainable Buildings are not defined by one high profile product or process, but by how all components in the building process work together to achieve a building that is healthy, durable, resource conscious, and energy efficient. Whether your project pursues LEED for Homes certification or seeks to incorporate specific sustainable aspects into its design, we can help guide you through the process.